Getting the most out of our support

Any support portal will provide the basic Topic and Message access, for this you have a free account that allows you 10 tickets per month.

We call and discuss what your requirements are, how we can add value, reduce the cost of doing business.

The real value is in TIME saved, this can add up to be worth thousands, even ten's of thousands to every client we support.

To maximise the return on your Support Portal you would want to make sure all your clients understood you value them and as such have provided a very efficient tool that will capture any issues, promptly assess and take action.

With an average response and close rate in the minutes, not hours your clients will be very happy.

And then you could provide "Answers" to make common questions that allows our agents to understand what might  resolve an issue, keeping in mind we also post to our Kbase (Knowledge Base), keeping and providing the lowest resolution time to the issue.

Many related questions popup when you manage a single issue, for this we have a team of level 2 Experts on-call, the query is immediately forwarded to another Team member. In 80% of all cases we have closure in 2-4 hours. (During business hours and or inside the agreement we manage)

Other areas that can help are the 1 hour briefing with the team, product knowledge is very important.

Finally as our client we are always adding value by sharing any information we pick up on a product or service failure. Copies and forwarding of all communication, a complete record in kept for a review, research acquired is shared and solutions found.

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