With over 16 million apps available the select process has really become unrealistic. If you search on features at best you are looking for things you already know about. Most first time App's buyers can identify 20% of the required features, with 2-5 years in business you will understand enough to get to 40%, however you won't know what you should avoid.

So how can anyone select the right App for the business, given all the possible things you would miss.

Start by Scoping or ( business Audit) others call it Discovery, get all the required workflow documented.

Take time to enquire into what could be possible with technology, search Google and create a "Wish List" (No matter how crazy it sounds)

Consult with other industry players, attend a Workshop.

Employ an Expert, find someone or a group with experience.

Finally use your "Thinking Cap", ask as many questions about what is possible.

The experts can advise, but in the end you will make a call. What you choose will grow with you over the years you are in business. 

Ask us to suggest possible solution.