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To assist we have put together some tips on the etiquette of how to write a Request Ticket.

Details can make the difference between a 1 minute response and the ticket is resolved.

We recommend :

   a)  Identify whether who is effected

   b)  The system / make / model / owner 

   c)  Describe all parts of the problem:

         "I logged into the system with the User name - (fruiwiughi), when a window appeared that indicated an error had occured. The code is (KB8433972).

          Which was unable to be closed. The other apps open included (Excel, Word ....)

   d)  OS (Operating System) info on the PC etc...

   e)  Connected via wireless /  connected to a router

   f)   Any other people / support teams / agreements that relate to the ticket.

   g)  Your support agreement reference #

1. Respond to any ticket communication asap

2. One issue per ticket. (No multiples as ticket may be removed)

3. The person who has the issue must be the person who put's the ticket on the system

4. Understanding the response time - 

      Business Hours: ( Your agreement will have different support time coverage)

        a) The agents are required to respond during business hours within the first 30 mins.

        b) If the agent has requested further details, the ticket is held for 12 hours.

        c) A held ticket will closed if the requester has not responded.

Service levels are managed by your Account manager, to move to a more suitable plan you can put a ticket in the system.